pace1 [pās]
[ME pas < OFr < L passus, a step, lit., a stretching out of the leg < pp. of pandere, to stretch out < IE base * pet-, to stretch out > FATHOM]
1. a step in walking, running, etc.; stride
2. a unit of linear measure, equal to the length of a step or stride, variously estimated at from 30 inches to 40 inches: the regulation military pace is 30 inches, or 36 inches for double time: the Roman pace, measured from the heel of one foot to the heel of the same foot in the next stride, was 5 Roman ft, or 58.1 inches, now known as a geometric pace, about 5 ft
a) the rate of speed in walking, running, etc.
b) Sports the speed of a ball, shuttlecock, etc.
4. rate of movement, progress, development, etc.
5. a particular way of walking, running, etc. (of a person or animal); gait; walk
6. the gait of a horse in which both legs on the same side are raised together
paced, pacing
1. to walk or stride back and forth across
2. to measure by paces: often with off
3. to train, develop, or guide the pace of (a horse)
a) to set the pace for (a runner, horse, etc.)
b) to regulate the rate of progress, development, etc. of
5. to go before and lead
6. to cover (a certain distance)
1. to walk with slow or regular steps
2. to raise both legs on the same side at the same time in moving: said of a horse
change of pace
1. variation in tempo or mood, in the presentation of acts in a variety show, etc.
2. Baseball CHANGE-UP
go through one's paces
to show one's abilities, skills, etc.
keep pace with or keep pace
1. to go at the same speed (as)
2. to maintain the same rate of progress, etc. (as)
off the pace
behind the leader; out of first place
put through one's paces
to test one's ability, skills, etc.
set the pace
1. to go at a speed that others try to equal, as in a race
2. to do or be something for others to emulate
pace2 [pā′sē, pä′chā]
[L, abl. of pax,PEACE]
with all due respect to: used in expressing polite disagreement

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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